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10 reasons to attend the health:CODE 2018

  1. All you need to know about the impact of DevOps, Agile Software development, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, and Automated Testing in the Health Sector
  2. Discover how digital health is transforming the drivers for software development and making agile the new minimum requirement
  3. Learn from key industry players, renowned research institutions and agile start-ups about the potential of new tools, processes and technologies and how that can leverage fast delivery, flexibility and stability in your IT organisation environment
  4. Discuss your issues and ideas around DevOps and Software Development in health with peers, suppliers, and analysts
  5. Understand the specific requirements and unique working cases for agile transformation in the health sector including how to follow validated process rules and optimal reporting procedures for new deployments
  6. Get insights into how IoT and digitalization in health is requiring new Operating Systems, Standards, and complete EcoSystems, and how DevOps can help you stay at the front of the wave
  7. Team up with industry leaders and analyze the latest tools and processes in automated testing, containers and virtualization 
  8. Gain insights into testing, verification & validation methods & tools that work optimally for software development in the health sector
  9. Discuss challenges in the design software architectures & platforms for medical-devices based systems, potential standards and limitations
  10. Gauge the impact of AI, software automation, machine learning, open source on your business

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  • "Great place for networking and inspiration!"

    Markus Jansen, Ericsson

  • "Inspiring!"

    Christopher Taylor, American Express

  • "A very interesting conference, delivering value at a fast pace!"

    Thierry Coopman, Ingenico Financial Solutions SA

  • "Cool event, good attendees, great speakers and sessions, sensationally well organized."

    Domenico Lorenzelli, Credit Suisse

  • "Well-chosen target audience, keynote speakers and business partners!"

    Ines Friedl, IBM

  • "
    All people and all topics that matter in one place."
    Helmut Windl, Continental Automotive GmbH

  • "
    Great content and visionary speakers."
    Alexander Poschl, Daimler AG

  • "
    You really connected global leaders!"
    Prana Tharthiharan Natarajan, Frost & Sullivan

  • "
    It is all about sharing the experience and triggering new thinking"
    Helge Behrends, Mondelez International

  • "
    This was certainly one of the most professional and productive conferences I´ve attended - Thanks!"
    Mitchell Toomey, United Nations

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